Young Europeans, allies to anarchist groups are destabilizing peace in Honduras

In recent days the Ambassador of the European Union in Honduras Ketil Karlsen, has shown great concern with the arrival of young Europeans to the country, who come to encourage peasant organizations create chaos and destabilize peace and a nation.

These young people are linked to anarchist groups that disturb the harmony of Honduras and a clear example of this is the infiltration of foreign of Italian origin Giulia Fellin, who participated in acts of vandalism carried out by members of the Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations Honduras (Copinh) last Monday on the outskirts of Presidential House.

It is a lack of respect that these people have to move from their country of origin because they have been exiled, and to come to Honduran territory to take advantage of the most humble people, seeding hateful ideas to perform vandalism to damage the country’s image.

The government protected by article 81 of the Law on Immigration and Foreigners is entitled to expel these people who come from other countries to carry out violent activities that destabilize the order of a nation.

Article 81 of the Law of Migration and Foreigners: NO ADMISSION OR CANCELLATION OF THE STAY BY PUBLIC INTEREST.

The Secretary of State in the Ministry of Interior and Justice for reasons of public interest may prevent admission or permanently cancel the stay of foreign residents or special permit of stay which may endanger the public order, national security, international relations of the country and by other duly justified reasons.

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